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About Us

PPP3Locally owned and operated since 2003, The Puppy Playpen is the longest continually operating doggy daycare in the city of Buffalo. We offer year round climate controlled comfort for your canine kids. Whether it’s running with the pack in our big indoor play areas, or romping around in our spacious outdoor yard your dog is in for a safe, supervised, sociable day that will leave them happy and tired when you pick them up at the end of the day.


We offer non-skid rubber floors that keep your dog on all fours even at top speed, plus it’s easier on their joints. All indoor and outdoor play areas are cleaned and sanitized as needed throughout the day and again at closing to prevent the transmission of doggy diseases.

We also designed the spaces to allow the separation of different types of dogs, giving quiet, shy or less active dogs plenty of space to enjoy socializing with other dogs at their own pace. Our outdoor areas are fenced in, and come complete with wading pools during the summer to keep your canine cool.

For the safety of our canine friends and staff, owners must certify their dogs are non-aggressive, disease free, and up to date on all vaccines before they’ll be admitted. While no reputable daycare can guarantee your pet’s safety, no one works harder than The Puppy Playpen to mitigate the risks before they happen.


With more than a decade of experience in the field, Bob and Rosanne Higgins have seen it all. They’ve got a professional staff that loves their work, and an amazing network of friends that reaches into all areas of animal care. You’d be hard pressed to find a group better qualified to keep eyes on your pup.


For years we’ve been home to a vast and growing pack of dogs from all over Western New York. The faces and tails change from day to day, but with so many options it’s impossible for your pooch not to make a friend.  That’s why we say The Puppy Playpen is “where good dogs meet”.

PPP13Puppy Playpen Perks

We also offer the following services upon request, free of charge!

Pricing and Rates

Single Dog Rate:

Daily Rate Mon-Fri: $26

5 Day Pre-Pay: $120

20 Day Pre-Pay: $440

Multi-Dog Rates:

Daily Rate Mon-Fri: $22 / Dog

Multi-Day Mon-Fri: $20 / Dog / Day (Minimum 3 Days Pre-Paid)

Payment is required at time of service. Pre-payment is required to receive multi-day discounts. Acceptable payment methods include cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Credit Cards, or Visa/MasterCard Debit Cards. Fees include NY Sales tax. Extended usage are purchased in advance and must be used within six months of purchase. Multiple pre-paid days need not be used consecutively.

Overnight Care

We offer an overnight care service to existing clients. Perfect whether you’re planning a trip out of town, or if you just need a night in. A reservation is required as space is limited. We’ll also need you to bring enough food for the duration of your pet’s stay, and leave us with emergency contact info in case anything should happen.

Price: $37 / night (includes daycare)

Weekday Drop Off: 7am-6pm

Weekend Drop Off: 8am-10am

$37 non-refundable deposit required at time of reservation, and the remaining payment is due upon check in. If the food you provide runs out before you return, don’t worry, we’ll continue to feed your dog but you’ll be charged $3 per day for food used so please, pack enough.